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Why AGEPCB for your PCB & PCB assembly?

  • Rigid PCB & Assembly

  • 1 - 48 Layers
  • 1 - 10000
  • FR4, Aluminum, etc.
  • 0.5-12 oz
  • 3/3mil (0.078mm)
  • 01005, 0.2mm BGA, etc.
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  • Flex PCB & Assembly

  • 1 - 16 Layers
  • 1 - 10000
  • PI, PET, etc.
  • 6um-100um
  • 0.035mm/0.035mm
  • 01005, 0.2mm BGA, etc.
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  • Rigid-Flex PCB & Assembly

  • 2 - 18 Layers
  • 1 - 10000
  • FR4 - PI
  • 1oz-4oz/0.5oz-2oz
  • 3mil/3mil
  • 01005, 0.2mm BGA, etc.
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AgePCB served 4000+ customers over 30+ countries, and made 2000+ different part numbers annually with 99.5% satisfication. We are not the cheapest or the highest quality supplier, but we are the correct supplier for your unique PCB and PCB assembly projects.

4,000 More

served customers
in 30 countries

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About PCB Assembly - Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Simply speaking, PCBA (PCB Assembly) is actually the PCB mounted with components by SMT or THT assembly...

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Why some components need be baked before reflow soldering

In general, the reason for baking a component is to carefully remove all the moisture from the plastic part of the component.

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About BGA Components and BGA Assembly

Based on different packaging materials, BGA components can be classified into the following types: PBGA (plastic ball grid array), CBGA (ceramic ball grid array), CCGA (ceramic column grid array), TBGA (tape ball grid array) and CSP (chip-scale package).

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About us

  • Based in Shenzhen China, AgePCB provide 1-48Layer PCB and
    PCB assembly services from quick prototype to big production.
  • PCB Fab compliant ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, UL, RoHS.
    PCB Assembly compliant ISO9001, IATF16949, IPC-A-610E.
  • Our aim is "PCB Assembly In High Quality For Ages".
    Choose us, you will have your best PCB and assembly partner.


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